My name is Magdalena Nowak-Bakies – I have been running a dental practice in Zduńska Wola since 1982 – in 2010 I was joined by my daughter, Agnieszka. We believe it is very important to create a friendly, enjoyable and stress-free mood in our clinic – for our patients to smile during every visit.

Lux-Dent Dentistry breaks the stereotype that a visit to the dentist must be accompanied by anxiety and discomfort by making every effort to make our patients comfortable.

We try our best to always obtain the best possible esthetic effect, by utilizing our professional knowledge – which we are constantly broadening during courses and training sessions – and by working with professional equipment.

We also treat our patients with the help of the "drill free" method – so-called "air-abrasion", which involves treating teeth with the help of kinetic energy generated by a stream of aluminum oxide. This is a new form of 21st century dentistry which eliminates stress and pain, is minimally invasive and allows dentists to save as much healthy tissue as possible. The method does not require using an anesthetic.

We offer various methods of teeth reconstruction with the help of the best materials – both those we have been using for years and those that have just entered the market.

Teeth treated in our clinic are covered by a 3-year guarantee!

The condition for the guarantee is a checkup every 6 months along with dental plaque removal.

Visit us and see for yourself just how comfortable a visit to the dentist can be!

Sit down comfortably and unwind. Don't hurry – listen to some relaxing music.

Lux-Dent is now a true family company, as my husband also helps out – he organizes our work and registers patients.

Lux-Dent dental clinics have their own diagnostic x-ray devices – dental radiographs

We look forward to treating you: Magdalena Nowak-Bakies and Agnieszka Bakies

- Prosthodontics

- Pediatric dentistry

- Periodontics

Cosmetic dentistry:


Pediatric dentistry


We provide services of the highest quality, covered by a guarantee:

Guarantee periods:

- Fillings: 3 years

- Crowns and bridges: 2-10 years

- Dentures: 2 years

The guarantee does not cover:

- Temporary work, such as temporary crowns or immediate dentures

- Work during which the patient was informed about a limited guarantee or lack of guarantee

- Root canal treatment of teeth previously treated outside of Lux-Dent

The guarantee does not cover damages resulting from:

- Inadequate dental hygiene

- Not coming to recommended checkups

- Fractures of teeth undergoing root canal treatment

- Fractures of teeth after root canal treatment (teeth that have not been reconstructed)

- Accidents and mechanical injuries

- Natural bone loss and periodontitis

- Preexisting illnesses or afflictions that have a detrimental effect on oral cavity and teeth

LUX-DENT Denatal Practice

98-220 Zduńska Wola, Sieradzka street 14B

Office phone: (43) 823-85-65

Home phone: (43) 823-62-37

Mobile: 600-026-652

Mobile: 604-058-615

Business hours:

Monday: 3:30PM - 7PM

Tuesday: 3:30PM - 7PM

Wednesday: 9.30AM - 12.30PM and 3:30PM - 7PM

Thursday: 3:30PM - 7PM

We look forward to treating you